Chrono​-​suite [Remastered]

by The Sam Johnson Big Band

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The 2014 Live recording of Chrono-suite's debut performance.

The Symphony Orchestra, and sub-groups thereof, are the most common choice of ensemble for the writing of film music and other programmatic works. This may well be due to the instrumentation on offer, and the variety of timbres those instruments can create.
With Chrono-suite, I attempt to find out whether the same can be applied to jazz ensembles. Are they just as successful in the portrayal of emotions, or is there a reason why the Orchestra dominates the film music scene?
Each piece within the suite is portraying a section of 24 hours of a day, starting at dawn, and coming full circle by the end of the suite, the intention being that the suite can be performed seamlessly on a constant loop. There are many subtle techniques and ideas relating to the scenes throughout the suite that may be missed on first listen, so be sure to listen out for them!
Differing musical styles, instrumentation and playing techniques are used to evoke the scenes that these pieces are based upon. Taking influence from traditional film music writing and non-programmatic jazz writing, the intention is to create a similar experience to that of a cinemagoer, but in a concert-based environment.


released 27 September 2014

Written by Sam Johnson
Produced by Sam Johnson



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Friends With The Evening
(Verse 1)
Friends with the evening,
I don't care much for day
it's that crispest air of
nocturne that reminds me of you dear.
Dark yet cool, with a twist of sophistication,
admiration is what I have for you.

I know, just to be in the keen glow of twilight,
just to be there as the horizon fades,
will be enough to imagine you're here with me, once more, again,
so as,

Glasses clink and the parties begin,
there's one thing left to say,
your sunset brightens up my day.

(Verse 2)
Change of scene, to an evening of lights,
and creation of great memories round every corner.
Life and soul of the party, my fascination has not faded
for the things that you do.

I know, I am here in the keen glow of twilight,
We'll just be here as the horizon fades.
This is enough as I know that you're here with me, once more, again,
but now,

Stay with me, for just one moment more,
I've nothing left to say,
your sunset brightens up my day.